moringa hibiscus (herbal tea)

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the stylish one

moringa hibiscus is the cool diva of the group. though she's expert at converting other flavour's wardrobe malfunctions into fashion statements, she is never satisfied with her own style! she arranges and re-arranges her room as an act of self-care and can never decide if she wants to colour coordinate her closet or the bookshelf this time!

• gives a lot of compliments because she can't take one

• very generous

• cute breakfasts for the 'gram

• favourite drink is whatever you're having

• needs space but craves affection

handcrafted in small batch using

moringa leaves, hibiscus flowers, peppermint leaves, fennel seeds, ginger

only the good stuff

• made with real fruits, flowers & spices

• low calorie

• no caffeine

• feels like bliss