ashwagandha lemongrass (herbal tea)

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the organized one

ashwagandha lemongrass is the therapist of the group. he always makes sure his friends know their worth and doesn't shy away from pulling out the pro-con charts he's maintained on them, should they ever doubt it. his favourite pandemic thing is knowing that everybody is now following his 8-step hand washing process. when not preparing a to-do list for his annual "me day", he can be seen finding solutions to problems, often ones that don't need solving.

• emotionally stable

• hardworking

• collects fruit stamps

• loves youtube tutorials

• favourite sound is keyboard clattering

handcrafted in small batch using

ashwagandha root, lemongrass, ginger, black pepper, stevia, licorice

only the good stuff

• made with real fruits, flowers & spices

• low calorie

• no caffeine

• makes you zen