Steamy Good: Summer 2020 Edition

This year has been a mixed bag of emotions for all but this summer has been very monumental for Steamies. We finally opened shop and launched ‘Sunehri’, our first collection of tea– everyday favourites to comfort like the golden sun as we continue our time at home. Our time was also made better by these things that sparked nostalgia and filled us up with radical positivity. Leaning in, here’s a list of things we discovered and have been loving. 


1. Kulfi Beauty

Kulfi is an upcoming beauty brand “made by South Asians, for South Asians. After years of mixing and matching at makeup counters, we were tired of the lack of options available to us - for our unique skin tones and undertones.”

They would only be shipping in the US so start with but we have a hint they might expand soon too and well, it’s all worth following for the relatable stories they share.  

In short, what a sweet treat! 


2. Quiet by Susan Cain

Quiet by Susan Cain book in white cover kept on a wooden table in sunlight

"There's zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas." Susan Cain, Quiet

We live in a world obsessed with the idea of ‘extrovert ideal’ and being a smooth talker. Introversion is not only seen as a weakness but also as a pathological flaw with personal development almost always focusing on ‘ways to be more extroverted’. In her book, Susan Cain cites the research across various areas to demonstrate that introversion is both common and normal. We’re all wired differently and the world needs the power of introverts just as much as it does of extroverts. 


3. Soul Palette

Soul Palette sunflower logo

Aashi Sogani’s Soul Palette is a lifestyle magazine and blog focusing on mindful living and self-care for women. It’s also a new kind of subscription service sending across monthly boxes of feel-good and wellness curated across different themes. We specifically love reading all about the nitty-gritty of things that matter.


4. Steamies’ Tulsi Green tea

Holding Steamies Tulsi Green tea brown packet against a green bush

This summer, Steamies introduced our everyday favourite, health-first and healing Tulsi Green tea and we’d be lying if we said we haven’t been sipping it everyday. Pair it with fresh ginger or lemon juice and it’s the perfect drink of choice for evenings with just the right amount of caffeine. 


5. BBC’s adaptation of A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth

BBC's A Suitable Boy still of Lata, Meenakshi and her sister

BBC’s adaptation of A Suitable Boy could not be more timely following its certain parts depicting the Hindu-Muslim tension in post-independence India. We love this period drama for its nostalgia, convincing performances from the entire cast and a very heartfelt conclusion of triumph of a cherished friendship (tried very hard to not spill the tea).  


6. Human body inspired home decor

  Anissa Kermiche white Breast Friend flower vase with lilac and yellow flowers Hands Candles from Pinterest 3 Human body candles of male torso and female torso

We’ve been spotting a trend of a realistic portraiture form in home decor series- from sensual goddess candles to David flower pots. This ancient art meets Greek sculpture aesthetic is such a mood for the home!