How to make your own tea blend that wins heart

Are you a big tea enthusiast who loves trying a new flavour blend every time you’re at a tea bar? But stocking up on so many varieties of tea at home feels like an expensive affair and hurts to see them go to waste when you can’t drink it all?

There’s an easier and cost effective way to a new tea everytime by making your own herbal tea at home. 

Just like every cup, every crop and every leaf of tea has woven in it a story of its own, creating a unique blend is no less than crafting a story.

It’s easy and fun, and can be a highly personalised experience. 


Benefits of blending your own tea

Making homemade tea blends is not just easy, but it’s also freeing to experiment with the flavours you enjoy the most.

You don’t have to keep a big stock of things. You can make your own tea blends with as little as two ingredients or go wild with as many as ten!

It is also a great way to combine health benefits with taste and steer away from artificial flavourings used in many commercial tea blends.

You can create a new tea every time with things available to you in the pantry, seasonal fruits or herbs and flowers growing at home.


How to make your own tea blend at home


Getting Started: Setting the mood

A good way to start is to first determine the essence of the blend you’re going for. Think of it like setting the mood for the story you’re going to tell. Say, something calming and flowery (like chamomile and lavender) or surprising and spicy (like apple spice). 


Next Steps: Crafting your story

Protagonist: Now, choose the storyteller (aka protagonist) of your blend. This will be your base ingredient.

Every blend has a base that is then combined with more ‘accent’ ingredients. The base is also what ties all the flavours together.

Some commonly used base ingredients are black tea, green tea, rooibos or herbs and leaves like moringa, nettle etc. Take two parts of this. 

Superstar: Next comes the superstar. This is when you introduce the floral or fruity elements of the blend.

Some common options are rose petals, chamomile, dried apples, mangoes, pineapples etc. Blend one part of your chosen herb.  

Guide: Our superstar needs somebody that complements it and guides it through each step of the way. Choose something that would combine well with your star ingredient.

It can include more flowers or fruits, some herbs like mint and neem or a more universal flavour of lemon or ginger. Blend one part of this herb. 

Antagonist: It’s time to spice things up a bit! Every good story has an antagonist to cause a stir.

Here, you can choose a strong flavour that even when used in small amounts, will have a big impact.

Remember, we’re still staying true to our story, so opt for something that would blend well yet surprise.

Think cinnamon, vanilla pod, cardamom, dried red chillies (bcs, why not?!) or black pepper. Blend anywhere between half to one part of this, totally upon your liking. 

Almost there: What to do next?

Now that your blends are ready, it’s time to store it right. You can prepare fresh blends and brew it right away to sip or make large quantities and store it for later. Make sure to pack them in airtight containers for longevity and freshness and keep it away from direct sunlight. You can even send these to friends or distribute as favours. 

Final Words

Tea blending is an art that should be for all to enjoy and make their own.

Take the above stated steps as guidelines and every once in a while, forget to follow the rules. Or rewrite your own– say, have two antagonists or let your superstar be the protagonist too! It may soon turn out that you don’t need rules at all!

But to wrap it all up, your tea story is for you to write and make sure to have fun while you do so!


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