• healing, intuition, creativity & chakra balancing

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healing, intuition, creativity & chakra balancing

bliss and balanced

you need it because

I want calm & focus

"The flavours of the masala tea are incomparable. The aroma just lingers on in the mouth and energizes instantly. A must buy for tea lovers."

Renu Bhatter

"I LOVE TULSI GREEN. This is my go to tea as it simply uplifts my mood, helps me de-stress and boost up my energy levels."

Sheetal Baradia

"I've tried the masala tea and I must say it's one of the most flavoursome tea I've had so far.."

Richa Jalan

"I tried the Chamomile Rose tea, and it's amazing. Soo soo good, I loved it!"

Prachi Varunkar

"I received the Chamomile Rose tea, it's so amazing, best thing about Steamies is its so natural, authentic and beautiful. In Love."

Sukanya Panda

sleep well, flower child

Give me calming sleep

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Tea, just like stories, brings us closer.

We share them through the products we make, the platform we have and the community we create.